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John Travoltage

Various models

The ideal Atmosphere

Brownian motion

One atom gas

Newtons Canon


Pool table

Motion with Constant Acceleration

Equilibrium of three forces

Resultant of Forces (Addition of vectors)

Resolution of a force into components

Pulley system

Lever principle

Inclined plane

Newtons Second law experiment

Projectile motion

Elastic and inelastic collision

Newtons cradle

Carousel (centripetal force)

Keplers first law

Hydrostatic pressure in liquids

Buoyant force in liquids

Two dimensional collision

Oscillations and Waves

ISVR Teaching Material on Waves and Acoustics

Simple Pendulum

Spring Pendulum

Coupled Pendula

Forced Oscillations (Resonance)


Standing wave (Explanation by Superposition with the reflected wave)

Standing Longitudinal Waves

Interference of two circular or spherical waves

Doppler effect

Ripple Tank 2-D

2-D waves

3-D waves

Coupled oscillations


Magnetic field of a bar magnet

Magnetic field of a straight current-carrying wire

Lorentz force

Direct Current electrical motor


Ohms law

Combination of resistors

Simple AC circuits

Electromagnetic Oscillating circuit

Electromagnetic wave

2-D electrostatics

2-D electrostatic fields

3-D electrostatic fields

3-D Magnetostatic fields

2-D electrodynamics (TE)

2-D electrodynamics (TM)

Analog circuit simulator

Cavity Modes

Waveguide Modes


Fresnel Diffraction


Refraction of light

Reflection and refraction of light waves (explanation by Huygens principle)

Refracting Astronomical telescope

Interference at a double slit

Diffraction of light by a single slit


Special processes of an ideal gas

Theory of Relativity

Time dilation

Physics of Atoms

Rutherford Scattering

Photoelectric effect

Bohrs theory of the Hydrogen atom

Nuclear Physics

Alpha Beta Gamma

Radioactive decay series

Law of radioactive decay